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Mark Woodyatt

Thank you so much, Charlie!
I read recently that the perfection of the universe is encoded in Bach’s music. It plays itself. I just have to practice my technique a little more, but no matter how much I do, if I don’t try and be a good person; one who feels, than you probably wouldn’t feel anything. John McLaughlin once shared that with me. He said, I need to feel who you really are when I listen to your music.” I believe this noble goal is key on our musical journey to unlocking the door that bypasses the brick walls many of us hit as we discover and perfect our approach to finding a balance of technique and emotive expression. I believe the truest and most-worthwhile goal for any musician is to surrender to the music that uplifts us, and always keep that alive by playing that which allows us to soar on the wings of music. I’ve found that when I just play music for people and have fun, or in certain solemn settings, simply play from my heart, selflessly, making the music the most important focus of my present awareness… Everyone experiences this natural state of being one with the cosmos, with God, with the subatomic latticework that connects all things, with the heart of all existence, or whatever else you may call the Force which cannot be expressed through words, only through song. This, my friend, is what we should all aspire for, and it is attainable only through being present in each moment. Of course, practicing is necessary to get the body-mind mechanism to the point where it can get out of the way of the music. I’ve been working on perfecting this my whole life, and I’m convinced that it’s something that requires devotion to all aspects of being in order to achieve in the present.