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I am reading all the replies with interest because I don’t own a violin yet. I will take my very first lesson with a private teacher next week. Of course, I want to immediately rush out and purchase my very own violin. Instead, I will force myself to rent from the tutor while I continue to learn about which instrument might meet my needs. I’ve visited the local music store and was shown a Stentor outfit available in a basic and step up student models (if that is the term). Quite frankly, they did not seem to be very knowledgeable about violins, but then they are not a specialty shop.
I don’t know what I will choose, but I am thankful that my budget, while not extravagant, will support a decent instrument. I’m an older adult beginner (retired nurse). The problem will be convincing my husband why I can’t be happy with the $100 internet special 🙂 I’d like to find something that I will be happy with five years from now. My goals are modest:)