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Rebekka Lee

I’ve just started teaching myself vibrato even though my other techniques aren’t perfected yet. I usually just try to get the proper motion without actually playing any notes. When I do go to play I find my biggest struggle is getting my hands to do 2 different things at the same time! I might have the motion down but as soon as I add in that bow hand, I lose it. I figure it will come with time (as everyone seems to say it takes about 6 months) so starting now can’t hurt even if it’s just rocking back and forth on the finger board without actually playing. One question I do have is Wrist vs. Arm vibrato? A lot of people seem to use the wrist and because of that, that’s what I’ve been teaching myself. I will attempt the arm vibrato to see which works better for me but I just wondered if there was something more than just personal preference that played into the choice?

I also struggle with finger tension as I have double jointed thumbs and my thumb likes to collapse under the neck of the violin which equals instant tension and eventually pain. Any suggestions?