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Brad Stevens

Thanks for the discussion. I’m dealing with the inflammation of RA as well as the degeneration of OA. And there’s the injury from the overuse of a two pound driving hammer about 17 years ago and a crunchy right wrist. I’ve lost much fluidity of motion in that wrist.

I wore a Hand-Eze warming glove for a few years — I think that is what it was called — but now the joints can’t bear the pressure that used to feel like good support.

I actually bought a paraffin bath for my wife, but she’s not used it yet. I may bust it out and take it over.

I was an art major at first and used to do calligraphy, but now I can barely read my own handwriting. I used to worry about carpal tunnel issues, but so far that hasn’t reared its ugly head. I try to warm up but can’t play for very long even when I do.

I find my 15.75 inch viola to be easier on my fingers but harder on my neck and demanding more tension in my elbow because of reaching farther out the neck while turning my hand, too. My violin that is most comfortable when taking it all into consideration, is a very old instrument that is actually slightly shorter than 14 inches on the back.

It concerns me most that my bow hand fatigues as I compensate for the pain in my wrist from lack of cartilage and the almost permanent “sprain” where my right thumb meets the radius, from the driving hammer. My joints are only just beginning to shoe any sign of swelling, but the ring finger of my left hand has begun to overlap the middle finger when I open my hand.

Anyway, I don’t just sit and complain and do try to press on, but I am looking for anything to alleviate the pain, regain the flexibility, and increase my endurance.