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Wooow, you really do very very good for 2 months!! Your sound is very nice. If you have the money to buy a better violin, I’d say go for it, but if not, don’t worry. If you sound like this after only 2 months, you’ll find yourself with a much better tone in the next months. You play almost without squeeks or bow bounces which is really great!

I know the bow right helps a lot with that. I do practice a lot with the bow right too. Just don’t get used too much to it. Try practicing half of the time with the bow right and half of the time without it. I don’t know about you but I noticed that when I take the bow right off, the sudden liberty makes my bow go all places it shouldn’t go 🙂 After a couple of minutes it gets better and I seem to bow pretty straight. So, I would say, get used to playing without the bow right too.

I saw a piano in the video, I guess you play it or maybe you play an other instrument? I did play other instruments before and the hard thing about the violin is to have a good intonation, which for example is no issue when playing piano. What helped me, is using a tuner, not just to tune the violin, but while playing scales and pieces too, Scales are a great way to improve your intonation. play each note of the scale with slow long bow strokes and maybe repeat each note like 5 or 10 times before going to the next note and really listen to the pitch of every single note and make sure it’s perfect. If you do that every day, you’re really going to improve your intonation and tone in just a couple of weeks. And your pieces will sound even greater because they are in tune.

I wish you so much luck with your violin!! Hope you keep enjoying it 😉