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Brittni Nack

Hello! You play very nicely. I especially like your vibrato, it’s nice and even. Just a few things to improve upon and watch for: your right shoulder is raised, so try to relax that to avoid injury. I think that’s something a lot of us struggle with. Also, before you start a performance of piece try not to test your note in that manner. Trust yourself more. This piece is really coming along for you though! There are some out of time notes in some of those runs, but nothing that can’t be fixed by slowing it down just a hair and working it out. Keeping as many fingers down at once would help as well. That will probably help with the articulation on string crossings as well. I don’t know if you’ve ever played any Kreutzer etudes before, but no. 7 out of the 24 caprices would really help you to clean up the preparations for the string crossings. This is really good though! Nice start to a challenging piece. Vivaldi writes some amazing stuff. I hope you have fun, and I wish you luck!