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Chris Guleff

Coming back to string instruments can be frustrating at first. I was especially disappointed in the way I sounded — gone was the beautiful tone quality I once had and it seemed so difficult to keep the bow from touching more than one string. Actually, watching some of the videos on violintutorpro.com and paying closer attention to what I was doing helped. Also, I lowered my immediate expectations and decided that if I had once been an excellent violin and viola player, I could do it again! Tonight, I was inspired to take my viola out and work with it awhile. I had to drop down to a much smaller viola due to arthritis and loss of range of movement. At first, I couldn’t seem to reach the “C” string, but as I played, I managed to play at least a few notes on the lowest string — a small victory for me! Now I have the confidence that I can regain my reach and someday go back to a full-size viola.