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When I was in senior year in high school (back in 2006), I discovered half way through the year that I could learn the violin! I’ve always wanted to learn the violin so I jumped at the opportunity. My instructor wasn’t very good, and I tried to learn on my own, but to no avail. I could only practice at school because we couldn’t afford the instrument. Fast forward to the present, I could finally afford a very cheap violin ($50) and I ran across your site through a Google search (what I would have given for Google back than). I learned more from this site in 3 lessons, than 6 months in school. I have nothing but praises for you guys and appreciate all you do for people like me. I finally feel passionate about this wonderful instrument and the longing to see what else I can accomplish! Down the road, I will purchase a better quality violin, but for now, I will play for hours a day, learning more and more through this site. Once again, thank you for everything!