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Dude, that rocked! I wished I could play it that well, but I make too many mistakes. Just a couple of ideas.

First, do you use bifocals or even trifocals? I found I couldn’t reliably see the music without squinting, even with a new prescription. I think that’s because those lenses depend on being able to move your head so you can look through that tiny bit that is right for the viewing distance. When you play violin you can’t move your head: it’s clamped to the fiddle. So I had my eye guy set me up with violin playing specs. I keep them in my fiddle case. ^_^

Second, what do you think about your down bow bounce? Don’t know if you were just nervous or if that’s a problem you’re working on, but I *think* it’s caused by your bow hand form. I like your wrist, but I think your fingers are too close together, If you space them just a tiny bit more apart, something like a quarter finger’s width, I think you’ll have less down bow bounce. You probably already know the little finger is your stabilizer and shock absorber, right? 🙂