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Michael Sanchez

Very nice staccato technique! Most people at this experience level are not doing staccato as well as you are doing it here. I do see some improvements you could make with your right-hand, but overall there is a lot of good there. When driving your bow up-bow, try using more of the front of the hand to guide the stroke. You are getting some unnecessary bow bounce that could be avoided in some spots. Also you would be able to get from staccato to legato bowing more efficiently if you were to use more of the index finger to change gears. The Wall Index Drill would help you tremendously if done everyday for 3 weeks. This would help you develop the muscle memory that you need to do what I’m talking about.

The biggest thing I see that could be improved is in your left-hand. Try watching your hand as you are placing down 3rd and 4th fingers–do you see how your 1st finger is moving quite a bit? This is causing you to trip a lot during the fast note spots where you could be getting back to the 1st finger more efficiently. I would suggest keeping fingers down when possible, and practicing scales to work on this bad habit. Not working on this can really cause difficulties in fast passages and can limit perfecting intonation.

Overall your staccato was very good and there are just a few things I would say that you should focus on. I think once you start using more index and keeping fingers more stabile you will see a significant improvement to your playing. Hope that helps!