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Michael Sanchez

Very good job Will! You have a very fluid bow stroke! Your left hand is very good–good finger angles your fingers are being placed very efficiently. For those that watched this video, Will is able to play the song fast and cleanly because of his left hand being so efficient. Good job!

What I would say that could be improved Will would be getting your hand more on top of the bow so that you can cross strings cleaner. Try using more index finger to guide the stroke especially in situations the quick crossover. You are using your arm slightly too much in a few spots where you have rapid string crossings. This is my best drill that would help you achieve more muscle memory in this area: The Wall Index Drill

The only other thing I would say Will is try using more 4th fingers in more spots–it would avoid you having to cross strings so often. I think your playing is also well above the quality of your violin–that would be my last observation. :). Great job overall–this was the first time I’ve seen you play!