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I have to say that it takes a lot of courage to post your music on the web, something I still have trouble with and I am an advanced player, so I offer you much congratulations! You should use more bow, maybe angle the wood of the bow away from you so that you get a more full and legato sound. Relax and loosen your right arm starting with the elbow, it being the axis/hinge at which you will be able to use more bow. Also to improve your bow hand flexibility, find a way to not have your knuckles be so high above your fingers. Let your hand fall loose in the air and simply put the bow into it to find your natural bow hold position. You fingers should not be stiff, but rather like shock absorbers that you can control the tension of when playing. Overall you have a great sound and you are very rhythmically and pitchwise accurate. Bravo! 🙂