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The end of my senior year in high school, I got to play a solo from the ratatouille soundtrack on the violin in front of 360 students and their parents (the entire string dept). I loved this solo so much because in my freshman year, the senior violinist I so much admired also played this solo, so this concert was a full 360 experience. Anyway, after the concert, I was greeted outside the hall with many compliments and greetings but nothing felt as good as when I had just gotten to my teary-eyed mother and hugged her when I felt a tug on my sleeve; I knelt down beside this little boy who spoke to me in very broken english “I like how you did.” That moment looking into his eyes was the moment I knew I chose the right path as a music educator. I still look back to this time when I feel like ripping my hair out under all the pressure and it makes me feel validated. I hope I gave that boy hope for a bright and adventurous future.