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I own three violins. I bought a POS violin from an online source for $10. It came with a POS composite tail piece, and the laminate wood back has a wide crack in the outer laminate. For a $10 violin it still sounds OK. It might sound better with the sound post repositioned, but I don’t feel like paying a luthier $60 to work on this toy. I mostly bought it because I didn’t see any reason not to.

My second violin is a back-up violin I bought from a college student who needed the cash. I didn’t feel badly about it because she said she wasn’t playing it anymore, and I passed it along to my granddaughter at first. She’s no longer playing it, though. 🙁

The instrument that I play is an unlabeled violin my mom found for me about 50 years ago in a German pawn shop. It has a fine sound, but is rough going up on the G string, and I’m really jonesing for a finer sound. I’ve been shopping around and I’m always disappointed when someone brags up their fiddle and wants $1,000 for it and it sounds thin and hollow. Don’t people know what a violin is supposed to sound like?