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I was always interested in music, making instruments out of cigar boxes, etc., but had some shaming experiences from music teachers as a kid and ‘just did not get it’. As an adult, I began to learn banjo, which I enjoy. Two of my sons are learning violin in early middle age, each thru their own paths, and my daughter-in-law began taking lessons on her own at age 9 and plays in a classical string quartet. My 14 year old granddaughter is a wonderful violinist, taking lessons in a community program. I bought a beginner SuperiorViolin to have in the house when any of them come to visit. My joy is listening to them play and encouraging them. I am also beginning to learn to play myself in my mid-70’s, even if it means having to learn to read notes! My wife has been a singer and pianist for more than our 50 years together, and I always enjoy her music.