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John Henry Adams

I wish that computers and this web sites were here when I started playing fiddle back in 1973. I was trying out for a bass player part in the band. We broke for rest and I asked the fiddle player if I could play this fiddle. I haven’t been playing for about a week. And they hired me as a second fiddle. The first fiddler taught me all of his bad habits like holding the fiddle wrong. Holding it in the palm of his hand instead of holding it by a the chin. And he taught me how to choke-up on the bow about 2 or correctly inches up the stick. I watched violinist on the TV and I watched fiddler at concerts and dances. I learned correctly now that I am holding the fiddle and the bow correctly. The other fiddle player learned how to play the steel guitar and he is great. You taught so much that I didn’t know and I thank you.