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If I win I will practice my solo material, and play a solo recital. In the advance publicity for the recital I will feature Violin Tutor Pro, the award of the Superior Violin Contest “Ming Jing Zhu Violin” and edify Michael Sanchez. In anticipation of this I am going to go practice the violin right now, imagining the tone of the winning instrument, the feel of the instrument and I will select pieces that are intriguing to an audience and inspiring to me. I will be imagining the excitement of the event, and picturing in my mind playing my music successfully. I will be imagining the audience loving the presentation and even the kind of cookies I will be serving afterwards. This will make my practicing tonight exciting, and selecting new music will also be a real treat. I know the pieces I want to try, I want to memorize my music so I can make a connection to the audience. I will look up the background about the Composers and have some little stories to introduce my songs. Having that new violin will really enhance the experience because I envision huge tone production and response from the instrument. I am imagining being selected, this really propels my practice sessions. During the day when I m going about my business I am still imagining the whole thing down to what dress I am going to wear, how I will wear my hair and the response of the instrument. I know that an instrument like this will help my pitch because an instrument with a brilliant sound and luscious tone will allow me to hear if I am in tune or not. It will also reward the dedication and work of my efforts. Of course at the end of the recital I will recommend the instrument with a petting zoo for any audience member that want to have an impromptu test drive of the instrument. Just bowing on an open sting for a moment creates excitement – someone will walk out of there and want to learn how to play!