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Dear Violintutorpro.com , the news of the possibility to win a beautiful violin for my kid is for me like the BIGGEST DREAM COME TRUE FOR MY 13 year old boy , Anthony Bvlgari .
A year and a half ago , Anthony fell in love with the sound of the violin from his little friend . I got one for him shortly after from Amazon , a Mendini $75 violin . He was SO in love that he taught himself to play right away from a YouTube video . In three months he advanced so much that he started playing 1st violin in the Santa Monica Youth Orchestra ! Since then he as progressed way more and now plays advanced pieces for proffesionals on the violin ! He loves it that much ! The past 5 years was ver hard for us economically and we still cannot afford to buy a new violin . The $75 violin is breaking apart . I let him know that this year we cannot afford to buy him a new violin . I know he doesn’t say nothing but I know that inside he is aching to continue that beautiful instrument . His soul is full of music and everybody are impressed by how fast he is learning . If I win this violin for him , I guarantee that it would be for him the greatest present ever !!! Thank you very much !!! Sincerely , Ramona Dimcheva