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I been working on strengthening my standing stance so I can stand and play longer Have my violin out on the table so I can pick it up often during the day and practice on the song of the day. I have learned “Joy to the World” “Silent Night” and now I am working on my Favorite Medieval dance tune “Rufty Tufty” then I will go on to “Gathering Peascod” and a number of other songs from the “Playford song book ”

I do go thru the lessons posted here but still find many of the tunes hard to get sounding good as they are not as familiar to my ear as Christmas tunes or the ones I can Play on the Recorder flute I learned while in a Music group in our Medieval era Music Club. Unfortunately our club group broke up.

I am trying to learn the Vibrato But finding my wrists a bit stiff. That may and may not change as both wrists have issues from overwork at younger stages of my life.

Learning to play the Violin has been a comfort to me. Especially since my mother died in September. She had always wanted to learn to play and never had the chance.