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i agree about a video explaining vibrato. while trolling the net, i see mostly 2 methods.
1) you roll the finger from the pad on the tip of the finger. then you flatten the finger by being the knuckle. While easy to do this slowly, it looks like it can take a loooooooong time do it with a normal vibrato speed. flattening the finger up to the first knuckle is no easy task.
2) while you keep the tip of your finger on the string, you roll your finger towards one end of the nail… and then roll back to the other end of the nail.
I’ve tried both and find #2 do-able in a lot less time than the first method. i see method #1 mentioned in the advanced course but no method of instruction. (from another video, you just flatten and bring up the finger one time slowly, then 2 times slowly .. until you do it about 8 times.. then you speed it up. it takes a long time to get that first knuckle joint flexible.

i’d like to know what method is thought to be best here. and a video on how to develop that. The 3 steps shown in your blog does not really show how to develop the technique.. it seems like more of a ‘now that you know how to vibrate, here are ways to perfect the motion’