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Michael Sanchez

Wow! I just had a chance to read through all these in detail. This post is what creating Violin Tutor Pro was all about–building community with people interested in the violin and building passion in them. I think the biggest thing you can have going for you when times get tough–the ability to know you aren’t alone, and the excitement for actually doing things the right away. There are so many students out there that learn playing the violin the wrong way. My goal is to encourage and motivate you all to do the drills and scales (not always the most exciting things) because you understand the importance and how they can improve your playing. So far I feel like you guys listen to me and that means a lot–even though I’m just a human being like everyone else. But now with my full-time being focused on Violin Tutor Pro, I hope to do whatever I can to help as many of you as possible–I won’t let you down!

Thanks again for posting everyone. What an encouraging thread. 🙂 🙂 🙂