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Michael Sanchez

This is a wonderful improvement Mariko! I’m so glad my site is helping you learn even with no other violin teachers around you.

Regarding specifics, you are bending the wrist very nicely, and have a very still left hand–all good things. Overall intonation is very good–it seems you have very good attention to detail which is great.

Now that you have applied some of the first few tips I gave you, I think using more index finger in the stroke will take your playing to the next level. I’ll explain this as working a yo-yo. If you force the yo-yo down the string but don’t anticipate it coming back up, you will find that the yo-yo will easily not come back up the string. To keep the yo-yo coming up and down, you have to work the wrist and the finger that the string is on, to ensure the ability to keep the “flow” going. This is the same concept on the violin, as the bow needs to be guided in a “flow” type motion. With the index finger, try to anticipate the bow changing directions more, and you fill find a smoother stroke–and overall better sound.

I suggest watching my violin index motion video, as this explains what the index should be doing throughout the stroke. Also I’ll give you a link to my best drill that really helps to train the index finger. Overall great improvement!