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I visit the ViolinTutorPro.com website daily now and enjoy following the forums. Although I don’t post too much myself, I enjoy reading them and I hope to one day have the confidence to participate more. I need to learn how to operate the video recording technology that is available to me and hope to have the courage to post one for review. The blog articles are interesting and have given me many additional resources to expore. The lessons are helpful and I refer to them regularly for help with the fundamentals that I am struggling with as a beginner. The webinar classes seem to be evolving very nicely. I appreciate the ability to ask questions and Michael is a great teacher! After attending a few of the different webinars, I have decided which is the best fit for my skill level (3-12 Months Experience and Beginner Fiddler) and will focus on those for now. I feel more and more connected to the ViolinTutor Pro community with each webinar I attend and am practicing and playing more because of it. Thanks!