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Elizabeth Davis

Just a couple comments. One – see if you can get your bow to roll over a bit more so the hair is closer to your nose than the stick. Right now you have it almost straight up and down, and you’ll (hopefully) find it easier to get good, smooth tone with the bow more at 45 degrees than 90 degrees to the string.

Two – listen carefully to your intonation. It sounds to me like your second finger and fourth finger were consistently a bit flat. It’s not a lot, but enough to make it not sound quite on.

Do you hear the “galump, galump” that happens sometimes, like at :07, :10, and other spots? That happens when your right hand gets to a note a little sooner than your left finger is ready. One way to get rid of that is to actually practice a little slower, or even literally stop before each note, set the left finger, then bow the note, and go on to the next, one by one, and then do the same thing a little faster, then try to do it without the break. You can always work it up a little faster, but slow and clear is better than fast and galumpy.

Both of you:
For six months, you’re doing great! Especially nice left arm/hand position.