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Michael Sanchez

Thanks for posting Yinmui! You are doing a lot of things great including having excelent finger angles for fingers 1, 2 and 3. That means that you are not moving your hand to find notes with those three fingers. Good job! Your shoulder is quite relaxed when you are playing which is great, and for the most part had good intonation.

Let me start by talking about left-hand. When you are putting down your 4th finger, do you notice how some of your other fingers are popping up in the air? This is because you are needing to put too much effort into placing the 4th finger based on not having your hand high enough. This adjustment would go a long way in helping you in being able to reach your 4th finger intonation. Do you notice that sometimes when you place your 4th finger down you miss your C natural that follows? That is because your hand is slightly moving as you place the 4, and thus putting you out of position. I know you have a good concept of finger angles, so this is just one adjustment I would make. I suggest watching these two videos that I put together on setting up the left hand, and my finger angles test.

Regarding your bow arm, the biggest thing I would suggest doing is working more on elbow position as you change strings. There needs to be a quicker, more deliberate movement (kind of like shifting gears in a car). The right elbow should be above the instrument when you are on the G, even with the instrument on D, below the instrument on A, and close to your side on E. I noticed that you weren’t always clean with your crossovers, which would be corrected with a more active right elbow.

Overall great job! These comments are all meant to be constructive. Keep up the good work and let us know if you are doing well with the adjustments!