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Michael Sanchez

Hey Janet, thanks for posting your question! Regarding the E/A string struggle, this could be a lot of different things, but it sounds like you are pinpointing it to the left-hand. The biggest thing is making sure that your left-hand is high enough and that your fingers are angled in a certain position to where you can squeeze them back for the E string. Here is a good lesson will help setup your left hand, and a helpful drill that will test to make sure you have your fingers in the right place to find notes properly.

The other important thing is making sure that your right elbow is doing what it is supposed to do regarding changing strings. You should have your elbow right at your side on the E string, and then in between your side and instrument height on the A string. If you are changing more with your wrist, this will cause problems with getting a consistent/clean crossover.

Hope that helps! Please post more questions as I’m trying to help as many people as possible!