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Phillip Sindlinger

My biggest current problem is making sure my right elbow does not lock up and then render my right arm stiffened and compromised to improper bowing technique. When my right elbow stiffens, a whole host of uneven bowing pattern(s) take place, &–for whatever reason–the more that I practice the more that I need to avoid this creepy tendency.

A Baroque Digression

Yesterday, I heard Joshua Heifetz play Glasanov’s first violin concerto. His music is a crystal, or a timeless radio broadcast from 80 years ago. (Remember that he made our videotutor.com top-ten list of ten all-time violinists?

I merely note that Heifetz was not Corelli; Heifetz, unlike Corelli,embraced the violin’s A & E strings.

“It has been said that the paths of all of the famous violinist-composers of 18th-century Italy led to Arcangelo Corelli, who was their “iconic point of reference”.–Toussaint Loviko, in the program notes to Italian Violin Concertos (Veritas, 2003)