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Phillip Sindlinger

I see that Holcomb, KS, is not too far from the Texas panhandle. As a boy I once lived there and saw my first tornado there that was not printed on a postcard. I also want to say that the factory where I once serviced a load in 2002 or 2003 made insulation, but I could be way wrong about that. I could check my driver’s log from 13 years ago but I would rather not do it.

Is the cattle business thriving near you or does the wicked witch treat them either humanely or inhumanely?

If you can, someday soon I would download that Wohlfahrt etude book for free on Michael’s website, print it up, and then work out of there. I am on Book II and the practice stuff might help your sight-reading ability. I know I still need a lot of help on mine.

Then again, I think it is important to enjoy simple melodies on the violin now and then and eventually often. (Once you play one decently, you might be hooked forever.),

For me, a great violin melody is “Turkey in the Hay”; I never get tired of it. & someday go west to visit Vegas, the land of the meadows, gunslinger.