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Thank You, and You ARE funny! I like to think I have a good sense of humor, too.
We are HUGE cattle out here. We have Tyson beef packing plant that processes 3,000 head a Day, if memory serves and it is just West of Holcomb, KS
Holcomb, ks is a tiny little town just 5 miles West of My town; famous for the Clutter Murders and Truman Capote’s “in Cold Blood.” Seen the house many times and the Clutter Family is buried here; God rest Their Souls.

Anyway, be prepared for some stupid questions, haha.
My hope that the Elisa Damiano Violin I have coming makes Me sound better. It certainly can’t make Me sound worse. I practiced for 4 hours tonight not having anything better to do; it hurts to type. I AM sounding better and I’m a tenacious Son of a Gun.

We are lucky to have found this sight.