#3417 Reply

Michael Sanchez

Hey Nikki, you are doing a lot of things really well! I really only see a few things that could be improved to give you an overall better sound. It would be interesting to see you play a piece to see if anything else pops up, but overall it was really good! I like how you have an overall great intonation and your shifting is very good.

Tip #1 – Right now you are holding the bow with your hand slightly to the side of the bow instead of on top. Try to position your index finger farther on top of the stick, so that your hand shifts close to being on the top of the bow. Another way to explain this would be that you are guiding the bow in the tips of the fingers, and have to put the bow more in the palm of your hand. You are going to feel like you have less control of the bow, but this adjustment will help you to avoid bow bounces and difficulty with difficult parts in songs–make up for it with using the index finger to guide the bow. Here is a good video that will talk more about the bow hold, and I also recommend watching my video on the wall index drill. Implement that into your practice everyday for at least 3-4 weeks and you’ll see a big difference in your playing. By having a better feel for the index finger transitioning the bow, you will start to have an easier time moving the bow faster and doing difficult techniques in songs.

Tip #2 – The other thing I noticed is that you are lifting fingers up too often while playing. Try to notice that when you place a 3rd or 4th finger down, your 1st or 2nd finger pops up slightly. That is a sign that you are pressing too hard into the fingerboard, which will make it more difficult to do vibrato, shift, and play fast. Try to aim your fingers on the tips of the strings and press down as minimal as possible. Keep fingers as close as you can and in most circumstances leave them down.

Hope that helps! Good solid technique overall.

Overall Grade – A-