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I really don’t get nervous when I perform. Since I’ve grown up in a “performing family”, I don’t feel nervous because I’m used to it. The more you do it, the easier it becomes! I would recommend trying to pinpoint just what about your playing doesn’t sound right when you perform and why you are nervous. Is it your intonation? Maybe your LH is tense and overshooting shifts. It is your right arm and, like me, your arm is getting too tight? Is it just getting up in front of people? Think about it, find the issues, and then go from there. When I perform, I like to have my energy level high beforehand, but right before I go on, I like to take a few seconds right before going out on stage to just totally focus myself. Get away from the distractions (which can be good while you’re waiting backstage) and prepare yourself mentally. Maybe taking some deep breaths help, or stretching, or whatever works for you personally. The important thing is to not let the audience know that you are nervous! Walk out on stage confidently, smile, and be yourself. 🙂