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Michael Sanchez

Hey Lutherin, great job! I would be more happy about your playing after 1.5 years– it is well above average! You have very good left hand technique, and just need a few tweaks to the right side. The biggest thing I’m noticing is that you are using a lot of arm when you are playing. I suggest watching this arm extension video, which will be great practice for you to avoid using the shoulder to guide the bow. The other thing I would suggest is for you to work on the wall index drill, which will allow you to use the proper muscle to guide the bow instead of the shoulder. Try to use more bow when you are playing this piece, as each quarter note should bring you all the way to the tip.

One thing to pay attention to is your right elbow. Do you see how it is moving up and down throughout your playing while you are on the same string? The right elbow shouldn’t move so much when you are on the same string (it is raising a lot of times as you go up bow). This is actually how I can tell you are using the shoulder instead of the index to guide the bow.

That adjustments will help you to create a cleaner sound that you are probably looking for. If you do those drills twice a day for 3-4 weeks you will notice a significant difference. Good job!

Overall Grade – A-