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Michael Sanchez

Hey Mariko! Very good progress after 3 weeks–most people are not doing slurs and playing songs like this already. Outstanding work!

There is so much to say about a beginner player so by no means do I want you to take any of this critical. You would be in the top 5 percentile of players at your experience level. There is always room for improvement though!

Intonation – 8/10 – Your left hand is very good. You are keeping your knuckles up nice and not moving your hand to find notes. Really there isn’t any major problems with intonation, but just a few notes were a tad bit flat/sharp. Try working with a tuner to match each note pitch to the reading on the device. I suggest using any tuner apps on smartphones that have a good review–my favorite is “INSTuner Lite.”

Technical Tips – You are being a little bit on the careful side with your bow hand. What I mean by that is that your bow is moving slower than it should in most situations. Try to keep a “bow flow” going, where the speed of the bow is constantly moving. One analogy I would like to give you is comparing moving the bow to moving a yo-yo. While throwing yo-yo, you always have to make sure you are keeping the wrist moving and creating a momentum that keeps the yo-yo going up and down the string. If you put any sort of sudden forces into the yo-yo “flow”, it would cause it to be difficult to get it to come back up. This same concept relates to playing the violin (moving the bow), as there has to be a constant “flow” going to keep things efficient. Because you are changing speeds throughout the bow stroke, you are experiencing a slight bow bounce. This will be cured when you create the constant speed (bow flow), and you rely more on your small muscles to guide the bow.

My suggestion would be to watch any of the videos I posted on this page in Chapter 5 (you can also find the chapter by subscribing to any fiddle lesson). This chapter along with videos cover all of my fundamentals relating to using the small muscles and drills to help prevent bow bounce. Everything in Chapter 5 I would implement into each practice session for at least 10 minutes (I especially recommend implementing my wall index drill into your practice). Oh and one more tip–try to use more of the bow when you are playing quarter notes.

Great job for 3 weeks of practice! You really couldn’t ask for much better.

Overall Grade – A-