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Michael Sanchez

Great job after just a few months of playing! The biggest thing that I would love for others to see here is your effort in keeping the knuckles up high. This is exactly right, and you are doing it better than even most intermediate players. Keep up the good work!

Intonation – 8/10 – You are really in a good position to find notes because of your knuckles being high. One thing you are doing though that is causing it difficult to be perfect with finger placement is that your fingers are lifting up too high when you place others down. This tells me you are putting too much pressure down on each note, so placing lighter would drastically improve overall intonation. Make sure your violin is in tune as your D string was quite a bit flat.

Technical Tips – Another thing I would suggest is make sure that you hold the bow properly with your pinky being on top of the bow as you move back and forth. I highly recommend watching my bow hold video and make sure your fingers are more over top of the stick. This will help you with moving the bow more fluently in tougher pieces.

I highly recommend checking out any of the drills I have laid out in Chapter 5 from my book here. This would be great practice for any students out there looking to improve their skills. Overall great work for 2 months!

Overall Grade – B+