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Michael Sanchez

This was an outstanding performance Bethany, great job! You are very talented and it was a pleasure listen to you play. You have a very nice balance of technical skills and musicality that a lot of students on this site could learn a lot from. Great job!

You are definitely an advanced player, so my scores below are of high standards. I’ll give you the best feedback I can although honestly they are all minor.

Intonation – 9.5/10 – Superb intonation with shifting throughout the piece. The only reason I can’t give you a 10 is because you didn’t play the double stops perfect, but I think you knew that. 🙂 Really great intonation throughout Bethany. Awesome job on the octaves!

Rhythm – 10/10 – Nothing at all that I noticed that could have been improved with rhythm. Perfect.

Articuation – 10/10 – You have outstanding musicality and your good right hand technique is allowing you to really speak each note the way you want to pronounce it. Students that are reading this evaluation should really look at how you are extending your arm, and moving your wrist. Because of this technique, you are able to move the bow very quickly which is what all of us violinists should strive for!

Style – 10/10 – If I could give you 11 I would have done it. One of the best musical performances I have heard from a Youtube video in quite a while. You definitely have a sense of making a music piece sing and create it into your own interpretation (while following the rules). It would be really cool to jam with you sometime. 🙂

Technical Tips – We all have things we can improve on and honestly all of these would not improve this piece a whole lot (it’s already great). You mentioned you were working on the Bach Partitas so I’ll give you some technical tips that you might already be aware of, but certainly would help you in many spots in there. I’m noticing your pinky comes off the bow quite a bit which would effect your ability to master your sound at the frog. If you only play fiddle music (which you don’t) it wouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to really develop an even better sound playing Bach, I would suggest working on that. If you were my student, I would have you work on this pinkie drill. By practicing that, you will build more flexibility in the back part of your bow hand which is semi-tense at times. The front of your hand and wrist is outstanding.

The other thing I would suggest working on is your hand position when you are doing double stops. I noticed that with any difficult part of the piece, you tended to slightly press harder than you should on the fingerboard, thus causing the hand to move more than it should (when you are aren’t shifting). Also I noticed with your vibrato, your fingers tend to be higher off the fingerboard than you would want them to be. You have the ability to find intonation really well with this habit, but it definitely would help you to play Bach more in tune.

Overall Grade – A+

I didn’t realize you were this good Bethany, you must have students you teach? I would love for you to continue to help others on this site as they could really use someone like yourself giving them great tips (reinforce some tips that I give them as well)! Thanks again for posting this video, I really enjoyed watching it.