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Michael Sanchez

Great question. You definitely aren’t messing yourself up, although it can be challenging to find a great sounding 3/4 violin. I do have some that I recommend to students, and you can also consider a 7/8 size violin which is a nice in-between size. Many violin shops carry this size in a few of their instruments.

The only time I’ve recommended a 3/4 size violin to a student was in two scenarios. Either they had a very abnormally short finger, or their overall hand size is extremely small. The only time I’ve seen that is with someone that is below 5 feet tall. If you are above 5 feet tall and your hands are smallish, you should still be able to play on a full-size with no problem. The advantage to that would be that most full-size violins sound better than 3/4 sizes.

Many people think they can’t handle the stretching on a full-size violin but I would say 9/10 times when I hear that I counter with something related to technique. Many times students don’t have their hand high enough when playing the violin, and they tend to have tension as they reach for notes. This is what makes it hard to reach, and having smallish hands is not really the main problem. My suggestion would be to check your technique first and get a teacher/professional to verify if it is a good idea to play on a smaller size.