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Michael Sanchez

Thanks for your video post MizLemon! Overall I think you are doing a great job with the slides both up and down. Definitely off to a great start with being able to play the fiddle!

Intonation – 10/10 – Great job with the notes! You started at good spots with the slides and found good intonation coming back. I would like to comment about your left-hand technique as well, for tips about how to do the slides with better technique in the technique tips area below.

Rhythm – 9/10 – Great rhythm! Your bow was slightly dragging at the beginning of a few strokes which has to do with how you are guiding/starting the stroke. More on that below.

Style – 9/10 – If you are just starting, you are getting a great sound already for fiddle, and I like how you are already putting slides in. You have a lot of wrist flexibility which can really help out with vibrato and other things later on. One thing that could be better is your ability to use the whole for the longer notes. The way you played them told me there is some tension in the right hand.

Technical Tips – My guess is you are a beginner, but certainly it wasn’t a slam dunk assumption because you are doing a lot of things well. There are 2-3 things though that could definitely be improved which I’ll go over. The biggest bad habit you have going on is your left-hand movement when you are sliding which I’m sure would also be happening with difficult left-hand passages. When you play the violin/fiddle, you want your left-hand to stay as still as possible, and your fingers should only be the ones moving when you’re sliding and/or finding notes. Take a look at these two videos which should explain what I’m talking about.

Setting up the left-hand
Finger angles test

Your bow hand is pretty good, but you could definitely work on extending the arm, over using so much of your shoulder to move back and forth. I suggest watching this elbow extension drills video which should help you tremendously in your playing. It would be ideal for you to use more bow while playing which is difficult when you are using too much shoulder.