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Phillip Sindlinger

Thanks for sharing…. I have gone over the three violin parts for BC4 Presto and need to get hold of the viola part. Of course it is near meaningless without the recorder. (Somewhere I read that Bach’s score for all the Brandenburg Concertos was left unpublished and unread for over 100 years if you believe that!)

I think one of the thing that fascinates me about this particular BC is the simplicity of its presto melody and yet the complexity of the piece’s melodic interplay as a fugue will never cease to amaze me.

Remember it was Thoreau who said, “Simplify, simplify,” After reading the lead or principal violin part of it, these words are hardly comforting and the analogy to Dickinson’s poetry is apt: I guess almost everything can be said to be simple with tons of practice, Simply allow one the regression, inclusiveness or the exclusivity that allows it.

I still want to know what kind of music it was drove the Great Awakening. Or, perhaps, was it somehow rooted in a near Puritan civil-war disdain or distrust for all music altogether?

I would like to be a great fiddle player on a westward bound wagon train, yet also able to have met the composer Aaron Copeland. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! Hoedown…