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Michael Sanchez

Awesome job Jude! I know it took a lot to post this and I really appreciate it. Overall you really did a great job!

Intonation – 9/10 – Really good intonation! I could tell you were nervous so the only reason I can’t give you a 10 is because there were a few spots you just didn’t put the right finger down. But I think it was because you were nervous!

Rhythm – 10/10 – Not a lot of tricky rhythm in this song but it was all right! Good job at playing it up to speed. I’d like to talk below about some things you could improve on regarding wrist flexibility which should help your rhythm and efficiency in some future tunes.

Style – 8/10 – Good clear notes and awesome crossovers. What could be improved here is your instinct to put in some more slurs in the piece (with improv or reading suggestions in music). With this sort of piece, there are spots where putting in three note slurs or two note slurs would add to the piece. I suggest watching my Georgia shuffle tutorial that I put together at Wiley. You could implement the same bowing pattern (slow to start) that I show in this video into the Devil’s Dream.

Technique Tips – You are doing a great job with extending the arm and using the small muscles for the most part. Probably the biggest thing I would suggest to you is to work on wrist flexibility which would help your ability to cross over even more efficiently in this piece. When a piece is designed to go fast like this, it is proper to cross a little bit in the wrist instead of the arm (the slower a piece goes the more you want to use the arm to move the bow to a different plane). So ideally, your wrist should move up and down more in a flexible way, and I would like to see you use more index finger to guide the cross-over. There could also be too much thumb you are using to guide the bow instead of your index; we have talked about this before I believe!

I would highly recommend working on my wall index drill which should help wrist flexibility, and index reliance. Anybody else reading this–it’s my most effective drill to improve sound!

Overall technique is really good Jude. Anybody that watched could take a lot from how you play. You are extending nicely and there is no way you would be able to do those cross-overs with being super-tense with your technique. Your finger angles are excellent in your left-hand, and you’re even leaving fingers down to be ultra-efficient in this piece. Really good job in the left-hand.

Keep up the good work my friend! I know it wasn’t easy to post. Maybe now you can encourage some others to do so as well! That wasn’t so hard was it?

Overall Grade – A-