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Thank you for your encouraging words. It makes me want to practice and play more and become better. When I did this video, I hadn’t played that song for at least two months, and hadn’t touched my violin for about 3 weeks. It seems that I only practice and play when I have an event to get ready for. I’ve been playing for about two years probably, give or take some. I was forced to take piano lessons, which for the most part I resisted, regretably, because now if I had listened and practiced more, I would be so much better than mediocre. To me, the violin is an incredibly uncomfortable instrument that eats into the shoulder (have improved that with a better shoulder rest) and can make the arm and wrist ache (sometimes I can’t tell if that’s due to practice or to arthritis, which thankfully hasn’t affected my hands) My biggest problem in playing is incredibly sweaty hands, which is the reason I have to press harder so as not to loose my grip and slide around on the finger board which is visibly wet after playing, no mater how cold I keep the room.
It took about two weeks of solid practice to get the vibrato down. I had to do some pretty intense visualization and modeling it in my head before taking it to the violin. I’ve also been trying recently to hold the bow the right way and to play straight notes instead of sliding all over. That bow feels awkward, and weird and I always want to hold it in a fist. When I hold something with the ends of my fingers, by virtue of how the pinky is connected to the rest of the hand, it automatically shoots way into the air and looks comical. Trying to keep the pinky on the left hand bent the right way is also almost impossible, or at least I haven’t figured out a way to do it. I can concentrate with all my effort, but it doesn’t bend. I feel powerless to make it bend the right way. I actually had to stop piano for a few months because my pinky was over practiced at once, being the weakest finger. I did tons of Hannon drills which I detested. I’m going to try your drills, and when I get back from summer vacation, sign up for one of your classes. It’s as good a teacher as I can find where i am.