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Phillip Sindlinger

I wandered around Somerville after I had a flat bicycle tire there but never made turned northeast into Danvers.

On that rainy day of last Monday, I visited the Harvard Scientific Instruments museum not far from Danvers.

I could not get over your rain there, now nearly a week ago. Especially since here in Las Vegas we are having multiple days of 111-degree heat, with the air dry as heck, it all is in marked contrast to New England.

A few days ago, I printed out the entire 23 pages of the violin score of Bach’s Fourth Brandenburg Concerto. What a summer project I got my brain into. The next day I had a splitting headache and I want to run away from reading it. I gathered from Wikipedia that it was about–I stress “about” here–nearly 300 years ago to this year that Bach wrote it, but that it was finally published in 1721.

If you ever have the time, drive to Amherst and see the Emily Dickinson museum. If you know (or can remember to do so), ask whether someone there, anyone at all, knows exactly what kind of type of music that the people of New England and especially Amherst (Emily Dickinson herself?) would have listened to (or was played) in the house of Emily’s wealthy, fat-cat brother. (I seriously doubt if it was “Arkansas Traveler” or “Red River Valley.”)

Maybe it was merely the great church music of the 1840’s and 1850’s, and nothing from the devil or anything inspired by the genius of Paganini. Oh the violin is a great instrument!

… “…Then I said softly to myself –
“That must have been the Sun”!
But how he set – I know not –
There seemed a purple stile
That little Yellow boys and girls
Were climbing all the while –
Till when they reached the other side –
A Dominie in Gray –
Put gently up the evening Bars –
And led the flock away –”–(Fr204)

Have a great and happy Father’s Day!