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Michael Sanchez

What great words of encouragement from one of our members, thanks Laffesta! I have taught hundreds of people over the years and have always found it important to be encouraging first, and constructive second. If I ever write a book some day about teaching, I will always want to include the importance of helping others understand what they are good at, and not just what they need to work on. I never like to come off like you are bad at something, as in my eyes it is just something that needs to be practiced and worked on.

I think with this idea of posting videos we have the opportunity to encourage each other, and get great tips along the way. I don’t know any better way to learn as getting to know others on the same path can only make learning more fun and enjoyable.

My encouragement would be to not worry about your mistakes. This is not a place to post a perfect video of you playing, it is an area to post a video of your current level to learn how you can improve and take your playing to the next level. Then we can look back and see the progress you have made and witness to others how they can learn to play as well! So many people don’t know the mistakes they are making, so I’m hoping this new concept will allow some of those bad habits come to light. It’s all positive and constructive!