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hi michael! ok! here goes! 1) i haven’t really counted before and i’ve been playing for 10 yrs. my counting is atrocious.what would u recommend as a next step? my teacher says “the counting will come.” as he gives me schindler’s list in 7th position lol.they keep putting me by myself in my chamber group and i’m completely lost even tho i’m a pretty good player otherwise.

2) should i be learning each scale one at a time w/exercises? would that help me remember them?i mean, since feb. i have learned 5 scales in three octaves.the problem is, i only know them if i am looking at the paper because the all shift at different times and some go up higher than others. how can i learn them better?

3) do u think it is better to practice in the morning or later in the day? i’ve heard conflicting views.

4) have you ever heard of “the bulletproof musician?” my friend just started sending me their emails. i ask because, remember i told u i was a bag of nerves in the beginning of my lessons? the last email addressed this by a psychologist who is on the faculty at juliard. i thought that was interesting.he has an online course but it costs a few hundred dollars. it may be worth it…(it may also help me to want to do recitals too…)

5)i noticed that since i started playing with a real shoulder rest (used to have like a little shoulder pad thing) that when i play on the e string sometimes my bow hits my leg. what is up with that? i showed my friends and they said “i dunno. i don’t have that problem.” i’m too embarrassed to ask my teacher such a basic question even though i haven’t played in 25 years. should i be sitting with my right leg extended?