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Michael Sanchez

Great video! It certainly takes a lot to be one of the first people to post a video on the site. Since you are one of the only ones so far, you have a really good chance to win my Fiddle for Dummies book!

There are a lot of things you are doing right, and one thing you are doing excelent. Your clarity of each note played was very good, and you obviously have a good ear to make that right. There are also some technical tips I will recommend.

Intonation – 9/10 – Some notes were slightly off, but nothing was way off. Overall it was a pleasure to listen to and there were no real big issues anywhere.

Rhythm – 7/10 – Most of the rhythm was fine, but there were some spots where you held measures a bit too long. What you will find is that music sounds a lot better when you stick strictly to the meter. That means you don’t want to go over 4 beats in a measure by holding some notes longer than you should. I would suggest using a metronome at a slow speed to get the hang of keeping up with the tempo. You could also play along with some other versions of the song and make sure to tap your foot!

Articulation – 6/10 – There are some technical things I think you could improve on that would help your slurs and bowings. Once you start applying some of my tips I think you will be able to use more of the bow which will help your articulation. If you don’t know what this means, it basically means your ability to play stacatto, slurs, accents etc. It gets harder as you progress into more challenging pieces.

Style – 10/10 – For just starting off, I think your style is great. Good feel for the intonation and eventually I think you could develop a really great vibrato. I see a lot of potential with your playing!

Technical Tips – I think the biggest thing I see is that you are using too much arm when you playing. Try to notice how much your right elbow moves as you play, which causes it to be challenging to do slurs and use the whole bow (un-proper cross overs). Your cleanliness of tone is actually very good in this piece, but you will find it will be harder to get a clean sound as you move into more challenging pieces (with your current technique). Try to limit arm movement by extending your forearm shortly after starting the stroke. When you come back from the top, you should bend the wrist more. Check out this video that I produced at Wiley about how to move the arm that should help you. Another video I would highly recommend is watching my wrist drill video. Try practicing this everyday for at least a few weeks.

Keep up the great work! I would love to see a video posted in the future with the corrected arm and wrist. You will find playing the violin in the future will be a lot easier by making these changes. Practice it a few minutes a day and you will notice a lot of improvements very soon! Overall I think you are doing a lot of things great, so don’t take my feedback as negative!

Overall Grade – B+