#3017 Reply

Michael Sanchez

Great job! I really liked hearing you play, I can feel the musicianship–you must play other instruments! I thought overall it was outstanding for only 5 months of playing. Let me give you an evaluation relative to your ability level.

Intonation – 9/10 – Overall you had very good intonation in this piece. Your violin was out of tune a bit, but I won’t count that against you. There were two spots that stood out to me as places to improve note pitch. Sometimes you were flat with your first finger on the D string (E), and you missed one of the G# notes in the A Major section. Other than that it was really good!

Rhythm – 10/10 – Great job with the triplets in the piece. Anytime you were a little bit off I took it as musicality. Overall musicianship was outstanding.

Articulation – 9/10 – Bowings seemed good and slurs were proper. The one thing I would say could be improved would be using more of the bottom of the bow in certain circumstances. More on that later in this evaluation.

Dynamics – N/A – You played electronically so it is difficult to evaluate this part.

Style – 10/10 – Great feel with your left hand and awesome job with the musicality. Outstanding for your ability level!

Tempo – 10/10 – Perfect tempo with the recording!

Technical Advice – I think the biggest thing you could improve on is using more of your index (front of the hand) to guide the bow. You are holding the bow at the very tip of the fingers, and I think this is what you are using to transition the bow. Try checking out this video on bow hold, and watch this video on using the index finger. This is what you should be using instead of the tips of your fingers to guide the bow. This is actually going to help you out in some of the points I mentioned above. Overall you should use more bow which would be easier with a looser hold and reliance on the index finger. Your index should be farther over the stick.

Overall outstanding job. Keep up the good work and post another video soon!

Overall Grade – A