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I’d like to tell something to those who write they will never post a video until they get to a certain level. Posting a video allows you to progress 10 times faster. We’re doing the same in our classical guitar forum. And I see that everyone who posts their recordings regularly develop their skills and techniques easier and faster.
I will definitely post a video though I’ve been playing only for a week.
Besides, you never know what deserves your primary attention when you go on working on your own. It is really a great chance for everyone. The main problem here is that many are afraid of showing their imperfect play as it seems to them. But as Michael says we are all here to practice and learn. No matter what level we are at.
Don’t judge yourself from the point of view of the level. We’re all violinists, even me playing only one week. Because you don’t become a violinist after 5 or 10 years of practice. You become a violinist when you only start thinking of learning to play.