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Michael Sanchez

I own many violins as you guys have seen from my background in the webinar classes. 🙂 I have jumped around from instrument to instrument as I like to break in violins and then sell them to students. Instruments always sound better by being broken in a bit, and I have gotten into that routine for the last 3-4 years. Many instruments that I have played are ones that are now owned by other students, including many Damianos and Marina violins.

Before I started teaching full-time, I had a violin made in the Czech Republic from the 1940’s, that my Mom bought for me in high school for $4,500 (last I knew it was worth above $7,000). When I was low on cash in my Nashville days (traveling around as a musician makes a man pretty broke), I sold it for $2,000. I do regret that decision, as it would have been nice to have that violin at this point in my life.

My Grandfather was a professional violinist and is still playing violin to this day at the age of 89. He owns a pretty nice violin made by a local luthier in the 1970’s that he bought for $500 back when he auditioned for the symphony in the 1970’s. It is now worth around $6,000, and he plans on giving it to me when he passes. That will be the most valuable violin I will ever own (regarding sentimental value).