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Phillip Sindlinger

Jodi, I was just in Boston for a week and played there a few days, although I ended up eating more clam chowder than getting my number seven Kayser etude accidental fingering right, to say nothing of the rather dramatic right hand bowing that my instructor requested of me..

This means close to nothing to good violinists, right. I know nothing now that I know how bad I am.

I think New England and the Boston area is a great place, full of historical distractions. I lived in Medford close to Tufts for a week and now I wonder, for example, if Emily Dickinson liked fiddle music or violin music or if it all passed her totally by since she was either so reclusive or a recluse.

I saw that just down the road there on Main Street a fiddler plays there in Amherst every Tuesday.

I wonder if you ever have seen great violin busking in Boston. Anyway, do not get me wrong. Busking is a scary thing and the only thing I would rather do instead is to be good enough to play in my own ensemble and i am far from that, yea.