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Michael Sanchez

I’m not noticing anything really abnormal with your hand (shortness of fingers etc.)–I do see a clue though about hand tension. Do you see how your pinky is curled up as you have your third finger down? That implies that you are pressing down too hard on the fingerboard with your third finger, as the natural reaction for over tension is finger curling. Look at how far your pinky is curled, and how far it would take you to place the 4th finger down on the G string. This distance causes it to be difficult (regarding speed/efficiency).

The other comment I will make is that even if you are double-jointed, you should be able to avoid the joint by not pressing down hard. I think this would drastically improve your playing, and result in ability to play faster. You should aim to place the finger down on the tip of the string (right before the nail), and you will notice the improved ability to press down less, and still get good contact. Your 4th finger will also not curl up and be more ready to go when the 4th finger note comes up.