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Hi. My name is Meg. I studied cello for 10 years as a child from age 8-18. I also had 3 years of piano. In summer camp at Interlochen, I learned the flute. I spent two summers at the Aspen Music camp playing cello at age 16 and 17 and studied during the school years in high school with a teacher from Julliard. I went to college at Indiana Univ. where Janos Starker was teaching cello but I was losing interest. When I was 18, I quit playing music. At age 64 I decided to learn to play the violin. I studied with a local Suzuki teacher, learning viola at the same time. When she moved away, I was lucky enough to find a new teacher in a well-known violinist who lives in my area. I play violin in a local orchestra and viola in two other local orchestras. I have been playing now for almost 6 years. I only wish I had started sooner. A couple of years ago, I found that I can also write music and one of the orchestras I play in performed a quartet that I wrote and also a canon for three violins. I mostly write violin duets to play with my teacher. I also play in an occasional local quartet or duets with violin and viola. I have dabbled in fiddle with a local group but find that I enjoy the classical music more; practicing the fiddle music, though, does seem to help with the classical so I play it on my own since I have a collection of books now. I find the webinars very helpful and I think it is good to review the basics so you can change bad habits or just pick up tips on playing better.